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About Us

In 2017, the Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction’s Overdose Emergency Response Centre (OERC) and the Community Action Initiative (CAI) began support for the development of Community Action Teams (CATs) in response to the toxic drug supply crisis.

Delta Overdose Community Team was established in 2018 to identify and develop partnerships to address the toxic drug supply crisis at a local level. ​We currently are comprised of multiple community partners from Delta and our work is informed and led by Delta residents who are People with Lived and Living Experience (PWLLE) with substance use.

We aim to:

  • Bring community together to identify and address contributing factors to substance use and barriers to attaining support (such as stigma against people who use substances) 

  • Identify and address social issues related to substance use

  • Coordinate information, resources and services for individuals and families in the Delta area

  • Support community mental wellness and social connection

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Our Members

City of Delta | Delta Chamber of Commerce | Government of BC | Delta Police | Delta School District | Fraser Health Authority | Divisions of Practice | Tsawwassen First Nation | Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association | Deltassist | Little House Alcohol & Drug Recovery Society | Phoenix Society | Moms Stop the Harm | Delta Kids | Dan’s Legacy | Canadian Mental Health Association | Boys and Girls Club of BC | The Delta Seniors Planning Team | Mobile Response Team | Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Society | South Asian Health Institute | Options BC

About Us: About
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